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January 30 (30/365) January 30, 2010

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 OMG, today was a L-O-N-G day.  Nothing really out of the ordinary happened, it just started around 6:45 when Gavin crept up to my side of the bed and asked, “Can I play da Wii now?”  And so my day started.  After a few days of nice weather, it was freaky cold today and we were out and about a bunch.  As much as the boys needed a nap today, they refused so when I pulled in the drive-way at 7:00 tonight, both boys were sound asleep in their seats, without dinner and without baths.  I laid Joey on his bed fully clothed and coated, expecting him to wake up at any minute …. he never did.  I managed to get his shoes and coat off before pulling the covers over him.  Gavin woke up for a few promised games on the Wii and a quick dinner before being in bed and asleep at 8:30.  Guess we’ll be doing baths before church tomorrow … that will make for a fun morning!

As for today’s picture …. that’s me … still smiling after a long day!  Well, the stick figure I drew with a flashlight is smiling … I think I was too though.  I had so much fun doing this!


January 29 (29/365) January 29, 2010

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 I’ve always been fairly adamant that there wasn’t a big need to introduce the boys to ‘higher-end’ electronic games at this point.  They *were* quite content with their ‘plug ‘n play’ TV games and the few games we let them play on the computer.  They loved the Leapsters Santa brought them.  In the little low-end gaming bubbles they called home, they *were* quite content.  And then, we spent the weekend in San Antonio with a Wii …  It’s all Gavin has talked about since … non-stop for a month.  We were ‘window shopping’ Wii’s at WalMart and he spotted a NASCAR Wii game that sent him over the edge.  Fantastic.  Wii this and Wii that … Wii, Wii, Wii … all the way home (and beyond!).

 I explained to Gavin that Wii’s are very expensive and we would need to earn the money to pay for it (we’re desperately trying to despoil our kids a little!).  He gladly ponied up his Christmas money and then we went through all his toys and he helped decide which toys he no longer played with.   I told him we could try to sell the bigger things to help pay for his Wii.   Surprisingly, a closet clean-out along with the toy room clean-out funded the Wii in no time!  And the good folks at had one here in two days.

 The  Wii arrived today and within twenty minutes of hooking it up, George broke a light bulb in the ceiling fan playing tennis!  Go Daddy!


January 28 (28/365)

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Gavin just loves helping out in the kitchen.  His favorite thing to eat (and prepare) is chocolate chip waffles.  We have them at least four times a week.  Gavin is VERY hands-on with the waffle-making process … he loves pulling all the ingredients out, measuring and mixing them, monitoring the ready lights on the maker, and the most important aspect of it all ~ sprinkling the chocolate chips on at the last-minute.

Funny enough, today he was in the mood for biscuits so he felt his talents were best suited overseeing the timer and the biscuits themselves … he stood there the entire thirteen minutes or so while the biscuits baked … and enjoyed two plain Grandes Biscuits when it was all said and done.


January 27 (27/365) January 27, 2010

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Today, we did one the boys’ favorite things ~ take their tricycles to the park.  I have completely given up on going for rides around our neighborhood (see post 1/365!) so going to the park works out perfectly … paved circular enclosed roads with no traffic …. this mama’s idea of bliss!  The boys had a great time running and riding around like little mad men and I had a great time taking pictures of them doing so.


January 26 (26/365) January 26, 2010

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Joey ~ I know you think you are such a big boy these days.  You have many reasons to …. you just moved into your ‘big boy’ car seat, you no longer need your nighttime diaper, and you can work the DVD player like a pro … just to name a few of those reasons.  Sometimes, I think you are getting to be a big boy but then I see you standing on your tip-toes to wash your hands.  And I remember that you are indeed a baby …. my baby, my Baby Joey.


Janaury 25 (25/365) January 25, 2010

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It was a multi-day event, but we finally got the boys’ trampoline put together.  On Saturday, the trampoline was ready to go but the enclosure was not.  It seemed particularly cruel to have it up and not let them jump on it so we did.  Within five seconds, I was having a heart attack …. waiting for one of them to fly off was not my idea of fun so we called it good pretty quickly.   George and I got to talking and laughing about how things were ‘back in our day’ … not only was there no enclosure on our trampolines, but no pad either covering the springs.  We sure (unknowingly) lived life in the fast lane! 

When I think about it, it’s quite amazing what’s been invented in my lifetime … cell phones, laptops, the internet, DVRs (and I can’t imagine life without my DVR), big screen / HD TVs, call waiting, caller ID, the amazing medical advances that have been made … some of these are more noteworthy than others obviously but one day I will get to explain to Gavin and Joey what a walkman, beeper, pay phone, and VCR were.  

No Gavin and Joey, your Daddy and I didn’t walk to school, in the snow, uphill for five miles but … things sure have changed since we were younger.  We would appreciate it if you’d humor us from time to time when we want to tell you, and probably your friends,  all about it!


January 24 (24/365)

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Wow!  BIG day for us!  We went to St. Mary’s today and for the first time EVER, we sat in the pews the entire time we were there …. NO CRY ROOM!  Woo Hoo! 

Boys, Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!  While you still have a bit of work to do on your ‘church voices,’ we never had to retreat to the cry room once.  And you both took communion with Daddy without incident.  Yea! 

PS:  Joey, having holy water thrown on you is a GOOD thing.  No need to scream mean things at Abouna when he does this!