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March 31 (90/365) March 31, 2010

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March 30 (89/365)

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My friend Julie calls the 5-ish to 6-ish time of day ‘the witching hour.’  i love that.  for most stay-at-home-moms, you’ve had a full day with the kiddos (and they’ve had a full day of you!), you’re trying to get dinner on the table, and you’re ANXIOUSLY awaiting the return of daddy from his day at work.  Well, I share two of those sentiments, however, I fly solo the rest of the day.  To keep everyone happy and the witch in me at bay, we usually just play outside until it’s time to eat.  Unless I’ve planned ahead, that means dinner out or something super quick.  Preparing a meal during the witching hour isn’t all together impossible but preparing a meal AND retaining my sanity is impossible on most days!


March 29 (88/365)

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The boys are OBSESSED with bowling.  They love to bowl.  We usually bowl on the Wii but we also have a set of pins at Teta and Gido’s house that get lots and lots of use.  Today, we decided to do the real thing and had a blast!  This picture is all kinds of bad but Joey just got a spare and we were all so excited!


March 28 (87/365)

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Most days, it completely eludes me that my boys are growing up.  Today, it did not.  We were about to leave for church and I wanted to get a picture of them.  When I saw the image on my camera screen I  literally lost my breath.  My babies are growing up.


March 27 (86/365) March 28, 2010

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 We had so much fun at a super sweet four year old’s party today.  Joey gave me a heart attack or two when he jumped from the top of the slide.  Little man, it’s a slide …. slide, please!

Happy birthday James!


March 26 (85/365) March 26, 2010

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March 25 (84/365)

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