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April 8 (98/365) April 8, 2010

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April 7 (97/365)

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April 6 (96/365)

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April 5 (95/365)

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The boys’ preschool hosts “Muffins with Moms” each year and today was the day!  I had a lovely time with the boys in their classrooms.  Joey and I worked on a picture frame together that was sent home a few days later with a picture of us from today.  Gavin had a few surprises waiting for me.  A lovely cross, picture, and questionnaire – All About Mommy.

My Mommy’s name is “Selene”

My Mommy is “40” years old.

My Mommy’s favorite color is “red.”

When I am at school, my Mommy “is working at home.”

My Mommy’s favorite place to go is “Chuck E. Cheese.”

My Mommt makes makes the best “biscuits.”

My favorite thing to do with Mommy is “play with her.”

If I could give my Mommy a special present, I would give her “a new car.”

I was feeling quite loved until he saw Daddy, grabbed the picture and cross, and said, “Look what I made you Daddy.”  LOL!



April 4 (94/365)

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Note to self …. put cuter jammies on the boys Easter Eve!

Gavin was in a real panic Easter morning.  I could hear him going from room to room, coming up empty handed each time.  He finally came into our bedroom.

Gavin … “Is it too late for the Easter Bunny to come?” 

Me … “Well, if he was going to come he would’ve while you were sleeping.  Why?”

Gavin …. silence.  slight panic in his eyes.

Me … “well, I don’t know honey.”

Another search of the house turned up empty.  George asked the boys to get his paper and when they opened the door, their baskets were sitting on the porch.  The relief was palpable!

We had a busy, busy day …. church, then brunch with Daddy at the restaurant, a little quiet time, and finally dinner at Teta & Gido’s with the family.

Our life is filled with so many blessings.  Today was a wonderful celebration of those blessings and the resurrection of our Lord and Savior.  Happy Easter!


April 3 (93/365)

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Today was George’s 37th birthday.  We celebrated with a family dinner at Perry’s last night and again today with lunch at Los Cucos before he had to go to work.   News of no chocolate on the dessert menu sent my children into a major panic so I ran (literally) over to Fuddruckers and bought a chocolate brownie.  Who knew you couldn’t sing happy birthday without chocolate?

Happy birthday Daddy ….. we love you!


April 2 (92/365)

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We had our 4th annual Easter Egg Hunt today.  We almost didn’t though.  I’m not exactly sure when but somewhere along the way, I lost my Easter mojo.  I think since my list of house and yard projects is a mile long (and undone) I lost any desire to have folks over.  And then it dawned on me that all that really doesn’t matter.  We’ve had friends over bunches of times with the house and yard just the way it is and it was fine … no one walked in and turned around and walked back out!   So, around 9:30 AM yesterday, I sent a text out to a few friends with news of our last minute egg hunt.  We had a great turnout given the lateness of the invite and a wonderfully fun morning with our buddies! 

Thanks everyone for making our day so fun!  See you next year!