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May 2 (122/365) May 14, 2010

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April 25 (115/365)

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April 16 (106/365)

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Texas Motor Speedway or Bust!

We made it to Fort Worth in time to visit the track and watch the Friday night race, the Rattlesnake 150.  This world of NASCAR is a whole different way of life …. Toto, we ain’t in Kansas anymore!


April 3 (93/365) April 8, 2010

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Today was George’s 37th birthday.  We celebrated with a family dinner at Perry’s last night and again today with lunch at Los Cucos before he had to go to work.   News of no chocolate on the dessert menu sent my children into a major panic so I ran (literally) over to Fuddruckers and bought a chocolate brownie.  Who knew you couldn’t sing happy birthday without chocolate?

Happy birthday Daddy ….. we love you!


March 29 (88/365) March 31, 2010

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The boys are OBSESSED with bowling.  They love to bowl.  We usually bowl on the Wii but we also have a set of pins at Teta and Gido’s house that get lots and lots of use.  Today, we decided to do the real thing and had a blast!  This picture is all kinds of bad but Joey just got a spare and we were all so excited!


March 23 (82/365) March 26, 2010

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Today was a free day.  Well, after a quick meeting in the morning it was a free day.   Alan Mulally was the guest speaker and I really wanted to attend but the morning didn’t go that way.   ** sigh **  Five cars were given away, one per concept.  And guy whose name was drawn from Fleming’s WAS NOT THERE.    omgoodness, the horror.  Thank God it wasn’t George.  Those who chose to skip this imagine with all the people there, their absence will blend and go unnoticed but to have your name called ….. OY!  Anyhoo, it was the running joke for the day as this guy was also from George’s region.  

We spent the majority of the day poolside with folks from G’s region.  What I’ve failed to mention in my posts is that the Winter Music Conference shared our hotel.  The WMC is for dee-jays which meant that house music was blaring ALL DAY LONG in the lobby and poolside.  I can not stand that music so it was like the same horrific song was playing all day long.  It was a nightmare, especially when George and one of his co-workers started trying to out do each other with the crazy dee-jay names.  I would list a few of the examples but for fear of offending anyone who reads this I better not.  

After the pool, we spent some time on the beach before going to a fantastic dinner at Gotham.  YUM, YUM, YUM!!!!!  We capped off our last evening in Miami with another OSI event featuring a female impersonator show.  Tina Turner was awesome!  Big wheels keep on turnin’ …


March 17 (76/365)

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I didn’t take a picture today so here is another one I loved from the rodeo.