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April 25 (115/365) May 14, 2010

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April 16 (106/365)

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Texas Motor Speedway or Bust!

We made it to Fort Worth in time to visit the track and watch the Friday night race, the Rattlesnake 150.  This world of NASCAR is a whole different way of life …. Toto, we ain’t in Kansas anymore!


March 23 (82/365) March 26, 2010

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Today was a free day.  Well, after a quick meeting in the morning it was a free day.   Alan Mulally was the guest speaker and I really wanted to attend but the morning didn’t go that way.   ** sigh **  Five cars were given away, one per concept.  And guy whose name was drawn from Fleming’s WAS NOT THERE.    omgoodness, the horror.  Thank God it wasn’t George.  Those who chose to skip this imagine with all the people there, their absence will blend and go unnoticed but to have your name called ….. OY!  Anyhoo, it was the running joke for the day as this guy was also from George’s region.  

We spent the majority of the day poolside with folks from G’s region.  What I’ve failed to mention in my posts is that the Winter Music Conference shared our hotel.  The WMC is for dee-jays which meant that house music was blaring ALL DAY LONG in the lobby and poolside.  I can not stand that music so it was like the same horrific song was playing all day long.  It was a nightmare, especially when George and one of his co-workers started trying to out do each other with the crazy dee-jay names.  I would list a few of the examples but for fear of offending anyone who reads this I better not.  

After the pool, we spent some time on the beach before going to a fantastic dinner at Gotham.  YUM, YUM, YUM!!!!!  We capped off our last evening in Miami with another OSI event featuring a female impersonator show.  Tina Turner was awesome!  Big wheels keep on turnin’ …


February 20 (51/365) February 23, 2010

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 After a lazy morning of mimosas, gabbing, and way too much food, we ventured out to Flat Creek Winery where we enjoyed a delightful afternoon of wine and cheese and a TMI tour.  We enjoyed the tour but when our host drew an imaginary X,Y diagram on the wine barrel to illustrate how the temperature impacts the vines I think we all mentally departed.  In our defense, it was AFTER the tasting.

Our day was capped off with pedicures, massages, food, food, and more food and we managed to get our craft on somewhere in the middle of it all!

Thanks for a spectacular weekend girls …. MWAH!  XO!


January 23 (23/365) January 25, 2010

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Today, I fell off the 365 bandwagon and didn’t take one single picture.  I thought about it throughout the day and just never picked up my camera.  I guess some days will be like that.  So, I tried to make up for it on Sunday by taking lots of pictures.   This is me a day late … and a picture short.


January 19 (19/365) January 19, 2010

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For months now, I’ve had major inner angst about church.  One of my 2009 resolutions was to find a church home and commit to it.  I did, whole-heartedly.  Absolutely loved my church.  I can count on one hand the number of Sundays I missed before the summer.  With summer, however, came no Sunday School so I’m ashamed to say we were MIA most of that time.  Come fall though, I was excited to resume our Sundays back at Grace.  I even committed to volunteering in the preschool Sunday School for the year – HUGE for me.  On our second Sunday back, Gavin was involved in a mishap.  The mishap itself was upsetting but forgivable.  Sadly what wasn’t forgivable was the way the church responded to it or, more appropriately, how they DIDN’T respond to it.  To make a long story short, I made the heart-breaking (don’t mean to sound overly dramatic but it was heart-breaking) decision to leave and start looking for a new church home.

I immersed myself in a new church and while it was a fantastic place the chemistry wasn’t the same.  I found myself going less and less and missing Grace more and more.  I really struggled with my anger / disappointment  and it kept me away from the place I wanted to be.  And then this past Sunday, pretty much out of left field, I went back.  And it felt like home.  And the irony of it all …. the sermon was about what Jesus says about anger.  Goodness, if I ever needed confirmation that I was where I needed to be (and I did need it) the good Lord spoke loud and clear.


January 13 (13/365) January 13, 2010

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Today, I packed away the last few remnants of Christmas …. our tree and Santa pictures.  Yes, I know it’s January 13.   In my defense, everything needed to stay up until 1/7 (Thursday, Orthodox Christmas).  On Friday, the boys and I headed to San Antonio so the tree had to wait.  We got home Monday but I had moms@Second that night.  On Tuesday, I just couldn’t be bothered with it.  So, that brings me to today and a very dry Christmas tree.

In my head, a collage of our Santa pictures looked much better than the reality of it.  I love the idea though so please excuse these horrific ‘pictures of pictures.’

2005 – Gavin’s first Christmas.  Gavin, honey, your daddy begged me not to put this outfit on you.  At the time, I thought it was the cutest thing ever.  And while I still love the reindeer shirt, I am so sorry I put those pants on you.

2006 – Joey’s first Christmas.  Gavin would not go anywhere near Santa so it became a family photo.  I wish I remembered something more entertaining about this Christmas but I had a 2.5 month old and a 13 month old at home … it’s all a big blurr!

2007 – Another family photo with Santa!  Katy HS won the state championship game in San Antonio so we extended our stay a bit to enjoy Christmas Eve with my family.  I will forever love the look Joey is giving Santa!

2008 – I like to call this the “Christmas Miracle” as it is the first year the boys sat on Santa’s lap without us! 

2009 – My guys are getting so big.  WWWAHHHHHH!