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A Year of Our Life …

April 17 (107/365) May 14, 2010

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Unfortunately, this was the only racing we saw on Saturday.   The Nationwide 300 Race we came to watch was rained out.  We roamed the speedway, hoping the rain would subside but no luck.  This slot car racing was the only ray of sunshine in Gavin’s day.  At $5 a pop though, his sun didn’t shine too long.  = (

Plan B …. inflatable play place and dinner with the Flemings.  Plan B wasn’t that bad afterall.


March 22 (81/365) March 26, 2010

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George was in meetings all day so I was on my own.  It rained all morning and most of the afternoon so I did a little reading in our room before joining George for lunch.  Mid-afternoon, the sky cleared and a gorgeous afternoon ensued.  I spent the afternoon on the beach and boardwalk taking lots (and lots!) of pictures and relaxing on the beach.  George joined me after his meeting and we had dinner at a beachside Carrabba’s.  LOVED  THAT!  And then we were off to another event for the evening.


March 21 (80/365)

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There are three events that compel George to shave his goatee off  …. his boss coming to town, the once, maybe twice a year wild hair, and flying.   It never fails … he almost always receives ‘special treatment’ when we hit the friendly skies.  Today was no exception.  We got taxied to a different security line …. the one with ‘no wait’ we were told (although there was no wait in the line we had been in!).  George was patted down, top to bottom, front and back before being cleared.  Bless his heart.

George’s company held their annual partner meeting in the glorious, white sand and blue water city of Miami …. YAY!  We had a tiny bit of free time before we attended a group dinner and then hit the pool bar for the rest of the evening.  And that’s the most I remember!  = )


March 12 (71/365) March 14, 2010

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Today was absolutely gorgeous!  We spent a lot of time playing in the backyard today and this is a tree from our backyard.   Backyard time is like intramural sports …. we go from basketball to T-ball to racing on the trampoline to playing catch.  I am embracing being a mother to boys!


February 24 (55/365) February 27, 2010

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I was unloading the dishwasher today and as I put a glass tumbler away, I thought it looked a little dirty (as in water spots).  So I dug to the back of the cabinet to find a glass that’s been unused for a while.  As I compared the two, I wondered how in the world our glasses where so spotty and I never noticed before.  I can’t remember the last time I put Jet Dry in or when I changed detergents but YUCK …the glasses are embarrassing regardless of the reason(s). 

I’m not sure why I was compelled to photograph this contrast but as I snapped away, I started to think about the other things in my life that have changed and I haven’t noticed (or pretended not to notice … is that a nice way of saying ignored?).  My house is out of control.  We are so overwhelmed with stuff it’s ridiculous.  We have this room … the guest / computer / overflow storage room …. basically, it’s a room full of crap.  Along with my spotty glasses, it’s an embarrassment.  I’ve been saying forever that I need to get it organized and yet I haven’t.

And there’s more but I’ll just say that my focus is going to be getting our home in order …. inside and out … over the coming weeks.  I’m hoping some Jet Dry will cure my spots …. too bad there isn’t a quick fix for everything else!


February 23 (54/365)

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Holy moly, it snowed today!  It didn’t stick and it didn’t snow for long but this makes the SECOND snowfall this winter.  It goes years and years between snow occurences and here it is snowing twice in the same year.  Crazy times!  This is the snow falling as viewed from our porch …. our neighbor’s house showcased the snow well!


February 22 (53/365)

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Over the weekend, we did a little crafting so when I got  home, I needed to finish up a few things.  Tonight, I got my craft on and as soon as I got it on, I was ready to get it off!  Inspired by gifted and talented friends { } and { } who make these blocks professionally, I decided it was something I could do.  And while I did finish them, I quickly realized either (1) I am not as efficient as they are and / or (2) they are not charging nearly enough.